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Marengo County School System

The Marengo County School System has three K-12 schools that are spread across approximately forty-five miles.  The towns of Thomaston, Sweet Water and Dixons Mills are home to the three community schools. 



To be an innovative school system that prepares all children for college and career opportunities.



To create and support a culture of high expectations for all students to achieve personal, academic, and career excellence and to become inspired learners with a global perspective.


We Believe:

1. All students can learn.

2. In high expectations and a rigorous curriculum.

3. All people have worth and deserve to be treated with kindness and respect.

4. All people have a right to be safe.

5. Education is a shared commitment between the school system, parents, and the community.


The Marengo County School district leadership team uses this vision and purpose to guide its program offerings, personal decisions, professional development and instructional expectations.

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